How to Choose the Right Make up for the Right Dress

Published April 3, 2012 by dressesguide
Having the perfect little dress for a special occasion is a must but you have to finish the look with the right face! If you think that your makeup does not matter when you are wearing a flattering dress, think again. When you wear a dress you have to consider how you will pair if off with your skin tone and how appropriate it is for the occasion, well now you have to add makeup to the list. We all know by now that every woman does not look the same in the same dress and that some colors can age us and look unflattering, and now we can add makeup and dresses go hand in hand to the list.

If you are wearing a floral dress with feminine prints whether it’s for a party or shopping, your makeup should go well with it. To create a perfect face for the dress, create a cat-eye look with b
lack lined eyes. Add a light pink lip color to your lips and a subtle blush. Make sure to avoid bright colored makeup that is as bring and busy as your dress.
If you choose to wear a bright red dress try to go for a subtle or minimum makeup. For this look, add faux lashes that will put some attention on your eyes. For the eye shadow, use something that is nude or blends in with your skin tone, nothing too overpowering or colorful as the dress. A nude or peachy lips and barely-there blush will pull the whole look together.

ImageEvery one of us should have a little black dress because it is a must! Black dresses can easily be dressed up and are perfect for a number of occasions. When it comes to the makeup and your little black dress, you want to add drama to your eyes. The perfect way to add drama to your eyes is by creating smokey-eyes with dark tones such as grays and metallics. When it comes to the lips keep them nude with a glass. When it comes to black dresses avoid a plain face since this will wash away the dress and create a boring look.

When it comes to the holidays or even a night out, you might want to try a metallic dress with lots of sparkle and shine. Since the dress brings enough attention, you do not need to do anything dramatic to the face. For this kind of dress all you need is glossy lips, accentuate the cheeks with a warm bronze color, and add neutral tones with a hint of sparkle as your eye shadow.

So next time you are glammed up in your perfect dress, make sure that your makeup goes well with it!

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